Executive Team

Max founded AFK - afcom.tech, currently one of Europe's leading companies specializing in software development for microfinance and banking. He has been awarded the Microsoft Research. Before Afcom.Tech, Max worked at the NYSE as an Analyst, and at ANG Capital as Director of the Department of Trade Operations. Supports over 50 companies in the finance and banking sector as an external expert/consultant.

Garcia Y. Maria

Chief Operating Officer, EX: Unicredit bank
Maria has worked at the Unicredit bank. She has a PhD in Finance, and developed Big Data based scoring models which are currently used for lending to millions of customers.

Vasily Nesterov

Chief Technology Officer
EX: Microsoft Azure
Vasily has led developer teams for over 15 years, working with various platforms and technologies, including Mcirosoft Azure. He has a degree in Mathematics, and has experience using a number of programming languages and development frameworks. Vasily created platforms for peer-to-peer lending and online payday loans. He also participated in the solution development for the leaders of microlending market.

Developer Team

EX: Developed software for 40 banks and microlending companies
Our team of developers has a track record of creating software for over 40 banks and microfinance businesses. Their products are now used by market leaders in Spain, Germany, and Russia. The Eastern European online microlending market is currently dominated by companies using systems developed by the team, and these companies continue their growth. Our integrated solutions enable up to 90% automation of lending processes, with complete elimination of manual operations in processing.